Boomla v0.2.3 beta.

Boomla is a Website OS

An application platform for websites.
Linux is for desktop, not websites.

Read this if you don’t know Linux

If you want to learn building websites, the last thing you want is to

  • learn Linux, access control, processes,
  • learn SQL and databases,
  • learn Apache,
  • learn Wordpress,
  • learn problems of a concurrent environment - whatever it is,
  • host your website,
  • do system administration,
  • do backups.

Boomla is a simple platform for websites.

  • In Boomla, everything is a file, there is no database.
  • There are no processes, just files.
  • Don’t learn Linux users and access control.
  • Forget Apache, there is a built in webserver that just works.
  • No complex Wordpress, start from empty text files.
  • Your entire website is fully version controlled.
  • Enjoy undo/redo.
  • Clone your website in an instant to try things on subdomains.
  • We handle hosting for you - if you want.
  • Publish your website with a click of a button (push to our servers). It will just work.
  • You can create a website with plain HTML/JavaScript/CSS - or write server-side JS code too.
  • You can run Boomla locally too, nothing to install, just download and run.

Read this if you are an experienced developer

Problems with Linux

  • The Linux filesystem is slow, not concurrency safe, not transactional, doesn’t support storing and searching structured data. Databases are used instead.
  • Linux provides users, access control and sessions, but we have different requirements for websites so custom solutions are used at a higher level.
  • Linux manages processes, provides isolated execution environments. The solution is really slow and processes are hard anyway. Websites require a fast, request-response like solution. Currently, website level apps are plain function calls. Isolation was traded for speed.
  • Linux provides a graphical user interface yet websites run in the browser.
  • Websites usually have external dependencies, deploying a website to a server may be quite an effort. Think PHP extensions, Apache modules, lots of sysadmin work.
  • Linux is almost only used to abstract away the hardware. The application platform is Wordpress or whatever have you. Too bad it is not a platform.


  • There is no database, just a filesystem designed for websites.
  • The Boomla Filesystem is:
    • Fully transactional.
    • Concurrency safe.
    • Version controlled.
    • Branches are accessible on subdomains, like All branches are live at the same time.
    • You have undo/redo for you entire website. <3
    • Fast, indexed in memory like a database.
    • Each website is a separate filesystem.
    • Everything is a file.
    • Instead of fields in a database, you have file attributes.
    • Files are accessible to non-techies, database rows are not.
    • Files are portable, database rows are not.
    • Anything you can do with a DB, you can do with a supercharged Filesystem. And more.
  • Boomla is fully transactional, there are no processes, Boomla is built on a request-response model like PHP.
  • Applications run in fast isolated execution environments. Having a broken voting app will not break the rest of your site. It’s also debugging friendly.
  • All dependencies are part of your website’s filesystem. There is no sysadmin work.
  • You can download Boomla as a single binary, it has no external dependencies. Just download and run.
  • Boomla is portable. Run it from a pendrive.
  • Boomla runs on the 3 major platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.
  • Develop locally, it works out of the box.
  • You can host your website on our servers - or on your own too.
  • Deployments are simple, just push your website into production. Due to no external dependencies, it is guaranteed to work.
  • No webserver configuration, Boomla comes with a built-in webserver that just works.

First steps

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