Dynamic websites with HTML+CSS

A simple WordPress alternative

Include HTML in HTML

Have HTML snippets in individual files and include them anywhere on your site. You can even drag and drop them around


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Save time

Don't learn Linux, access control, Apache, PHP, WordPress, hosting, system administration, backups...

Cloud IDE

All development tools are available from your browser. Nothing to install, update and configure.

Fully Version Controlled

Undo anything.

Fast pageloads

Just give it a try: click around in the menus.

Files only

No database. Keep it Simple. (Btw, our Filesystem has superpowers. Find out!)

Dynamic Apps

Some apps have to be dynamic by nature. Use our built-in apps like the menu. Want full power? Run JavaScript on our servers.


Boomla is built on a serach engine optimized architecture. The rest is up to your content.