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How it works



Edit your pages like a Word document. When you log in, a toolbar will appear on top of your website. Opening the Edit tab will make all the text elements on the page editable - even the names of the pages. Click into the text and modify it right on your website.

When you are done editing text elements, you need to hit the save icon on the toolbar to make changes permanent.

Embed images

When you select different text elements in editing mode (Edit tab open on toolbar), you will notice the tools on the toolbar's Edit tab become active or inactive. When they are active, the text you have selected allows formatting.

You can embed images in those text fields by a simple drag&drop from your desktop. Remember, this is a text editing feature, you will need to hit Save to make your changes permanent!



Files, icons

In Boomla, we call the elements of a website files. If you hover your mouse over a file (any element), you will notice an icon (ring) appear in its top-left corner. This is a handle for doing something with the file.

Drag&drop Files

You can move/sort files by grabbing their icons and dropping them to a different position. You can drop BEFORE, AFTER, IN, or IN-A-PLACEHOLDER.


When sorting images in a gallery, you may want to place an image before another one.


Place an image after another one.


If you want to move a gallery to another page, drop it in the other page (in the menu).


If you want to move the gallery to a different column on the page, drop it in the other placeholder (column).



As it should be familiar from desktop operating systems, clicking on a file's icon opens up its contextmenu (left mouse click). You can use it to move, copy or delete files.

Creating new files

To create new files (elements), open the toolbar's New tab, and drag the one you wish onto the page. You will use the usual method for positining the new file: drop it before, after, in existing ones, or into an empty placeholder.



Uploading files

To upload files, like images into a gallery, drag them over the page from a folder on your computer, and drop them as usually: before or after an image, or in the gallery, should it be empty.

Note the difference between embedding an image into a formatted text and uploading an image into a gallery. When embedding it in a text, the page is in editing mode (Edit tab open). In that case, you will need to save the page. When uploading the image in the gallery, it's a file operation, not text editing, so there is no need to save anything.

(Search Engine Optimization)

Boomla is designed to be search engine friendly. We build in all the technical requirements you need to position well in search engines like Google, the rest, like writing content or convincing the world to link to your website, you have to do yourself.




Boomla was designed to be free, and we want to keep it so. It doesn't matter whether you are a photographer showing off your photos, a small company trying to put a dent in the universe, or a class of students sharing materials.