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What is Boomla

Managing a website is not much fun. Think of the admin page. No one likes it. No, seriously, find a person that would rather add some text to a website than to a Ms Word document. No way you can find one! Admin pages are overly complex. Plus you have to double-check the look of the result on the webpage itself.

Imagine that you are doing your hair and only cheking it in the mirror when you are done. How crazy is that?

We hate that, we changed that. Boomla is a completely redesigned website builder made to be easy-to-use. We made it become the system we wanted to use ourselves. As I am writing this text right here, let me add, it became just incredible. I am typing right here and see exacly what you will see. No messing around on an admin page, no double-checking, just me and the website.

When writing this page, I assume you have already watched the above video. If for some reason you couldn't, or just like to see things in writing, see our Feature list before moving on.

Tomorrow's innovations

Most of the websites out there are served from custom installations of Content Management Systems or Blogging engines. The day after their installation, these systems are outdated. One should pay an administrator to install security updates, and seldomly a horrendous amount to migrate the underlying system to the newest version.

We want to take a different aproach. We found, that our users are starving for the features we are shipping. For example, think of more advanced image editing features or better SEO tools. We don't want you to miss out on them. So, here is how we operate.

The way we operate

The process of delivering of the newest features to your system is called shipping.

Minor changes, or bug fixes, we ship regularly. These changes should go unnoticed.

New features are shipped less frequently, every few weeks or months. You will receive an email about the improvements.

Lastly, once in a while, we introduce massive improvements to the core of Boomla, which affects the code of your website.

Why do you tell me this?

Because for that reason, you will need a programmer to adjust your site to the enhanced environment, every once in a while. This is not neccessarily a lot of work, but has to be done manually. For a programmer, it is not complicated with the instructions we supply.

Without that aproach, Boomla wasn't there where it is today, and we couldn't move on to deliver things that will change the way you perceive the web, forever.

To get started

So, under the surface, Boomla is a cloud based platform for creating websites. We won't even create your website ourselves, we make the system that enables programmers to use our innovations and create easy-to-use websites in a fraction of the time.

You may want to think of it as of super high quality ingredients for your meal. You just can't make much out of sand only. Or, it takes a lot of time at least, until evolution invents potatoes. We have done that for you.

You can either find a programmer yourself, or work with one in our network. In case you have worked with a programmer earlier who you were happy with, you may want to stick with him/her. In that case, you should ask your programmer to check out our developer center. We are super excited that programming on Boomla is as much fun as using it to edit your website. Be prepared for big hugs and excitment from your programmer! Many of them never work with anything else again. We for sure won't either. It would feel like switching back to a non-smart-phone with black-and-white display.


Appreciate for being here. I hope we can make your being-on-the web a lot more enjoyable.


Tibor Halter
Founder & CEO