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website builder


  • runs on your servers just like WordPress
  • it provides a platform on top of your OS, with a new filesystem, users, etc.
  • it includes a webserver, so you need no other software to run it
  • websites have zero external dependencies (besides the Boomla binary running the platform)
    • no more Apache configs - webserver is included in Boomla
    • no more dependence on PHP modules - extensions are stored within you project
    • no more dependence on CRON jobs - set up from within your project
  • filesystem summary
    • designed to replace databases - now you can develop websites using only a filesystem, no database
    • store any kind of data in file attributes (like you would in a database)
    • fast as a database
    • version controlled like git
    • transactional (ACID)
    • provides a unified data storage for assets and structured data
    • provides a unified access control scheme (compared to OS, DB, CMS)
    • trivial to store user-uploaded files
    • everything is a file
    • distributed, thus backups are trivial
    • one click transactional deploys like git push
    • fast cheap branching
    • better primitives for keeping order, eg. files can store other files, like style.css/pattern.png
  • built on a request-response model like PHP
    • don't worry about process management, concurrency issues
  • write your programs in PHP, JS, or write your own domain specific languages
  • isolated execution environments
    • easy to debug (if the menu breaks, you will see an error in its place)
    • write the same website in a multitude of languages (menu in PHP, content in JS)
  • native support for preprocessing (generate files)
  • high throughput
  • small footprint
  • get shit done, a lot faster

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Sounds interesting? Shoot a mail to thalter@ this domain to subscribe for the beta or just to say hello.