Request for apps

Here is a list of apps you could build if you feel like helping out the project, if you just want to take on a challenge, or want to build something useful while you learn how Boomla works.

Contribution is very welcome.

Background color

Like, with a custom background color applied. Should have a single placeholder for contents. Allow configuring the background-color, maybe provide some defaults.

Background image

Like, with a background image applied. Should have a single placeholder for contents. Allow configuring the size and position of the background-image.

Various content frames

Various content frames like a notebook or a phone, where the placeholder matches the screen. I’m sure you can come up with lots of ideas.

Should work basically like, with background applied and the placeholder positioned properly. Make sure to consider overflowing content.

To state the obvious: - the background images need not to be reconfigurable, they are expected to be hard-coded in the app - if you use background images, make sure their licenses allow free and open source use and redistribution

Scrolling container

Like, but with a fixed height, so that excess content need to be scrolled. Handy, for example, to show Terms and Conditions or other text that lots of users don’t care about, but you have to present it to protect yourself. :)

Note, warning, info boxes

Simple text boxes with colored background.

Call to action button

Just one big colored button that is a link to somewhere.


Improve the app with the following:

  • The full height of each column should be droppable. When one of the columns has some content in it, users may get confused because they can’t drop in the other side - that is, only a tiny area at the top, which they are not aware of.
  • Allow customizing the spacing between the columns.
  • Let the user customize the width proportions.
  • Allow any number of columns.
  • Use the same app for any number of columns, allow configuring the number of columns instea. (Make sure to check out the .Update when implementing this.)
  • Provide contextmenu entries for the most common configuration settings, like changing between 2 and 3 columns.
    • When decreasing the number of columns, enforce that there will be no content left in placeholders that are becoming hidden.
  • Allow changing the vertical alignment in columns that do not reach the full content height as other columns. (Eg. when there is lots of text in the left column, and a smaller image in the right, it should be possible to align the image to the middle of the text.)
  • Make the tab header texts non-selectable.
  • If there are no tabs, display “This is a Tab Container without tabs.”, and show a button: “create tab”.
  • The tab container’s contextmenu shall have an entry “Create new tab”.
    • Currently, there are 2 files added to the toolbar’s New tab upon installation: one for the tab container, and one for a tab itself. This way, it can be reduced to a single entry - and made less confusing.
  • the filesystem stucture of instances should probably be slideshow/slide/content.
    • to rephrase, slides should be files
  • allow adding slides
  • allow configuring timeout
  • could be useful to have a standalone page for editing the slides, so that all slides could be seen one-after-the-other
Top features

A top features list, that you see everywhere on the Web. Typically, 3 columns, with large text under it, maybe a paragraph of small text at the bottom.

Could also just be a composite app! 3 columns, each containing images, a header, and a paragraph of text below it.


Pricing app with a configurable number of plans, features list, price.

Might be a composite app with the cards being separate from the contents in them, so that it becomes more configurable.


For teachers, for recurring events. 7 days of the week on top, times on the left, cells fillable with content.

Boomla video player

A video player like, that plays videos stored in Boomla itself. (Feel free to clone the site if you don’t want to start from scratch.)


  • Better usability. Currently, the user has to manually set the file type after uploading the video, which most users can’t do. Ideally, it should walk the user through an upload process. Maybe:
    • user drags empty video app to the page, then
    • user is asked to upload a video, then
    • user is asked to upload a video poster (shown before video plays).
  • The video should play when clicking it anywhere, not only the tiny play button.

Note that Boomla file sizes are currently limited in 10Mb. (So do video files..)

Vimeo video player

As Boomla videos are currently limited in 10Mb, users may want to store videos at external providers, like Vimeo.

When creating this app, make sure to read about the .Trust file.

Redirect app

A content app that redirects the visitor to another location.

  • In the menu tree, you may need an entry that redirects to its first subpage.
  • Redirect to any configured path.
  • Allow configuring the redirect status code (permanent, non-permanent).

Note that, obviously, the redirect file won’t be visible on the page once the redirect is set up. That’s fine, it can still be edited/removed from via any filesystem viewer, like the File Panel or the IDE.

Source code highlighter

Display source code with highlighting. In particular HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Markdown.

Form builder

We already have an unfinished one at Feel free to look into it, it’s already used by several apps, thouogh it comes with NO documentation. Also, the elements of the forms should be configurable themselves. Should populate the toolbar’s New tab.

Layout editor

Would be great both for an entire page, and/or a content. The idea is to allow splitting the available space in any way vertically or horizontally, creating “sub-spaces”, which can further be sub-devided.

The sizes shall be configurable as fixed sizes or proportions. It should be possible to add spaces (margins, padding?). One should be able to customize the background (color, image).

The .Accept file should be generated dynamically.

This is quite a large problem, probably with quite a complex full-page editor.


That is a hard one! :)

  • The filesystem structure should probably be /table/row/cell/contents.
    • with each cell being a separate file
  • Allow adding rows, columns.
  • Allow sorting columns.
  • Allow for col groups and row groups
  • Allow customizing column widths.
  • Might need to be a separate, full page table editor.
Google Maps
  • allow adding/positioning a marker
  • allow configuring zoom level, map position
  • in an older version of Boomla, there was a Google Maps app, users could just move the view and change the zoom level, and then save what they see. That was a very bad idea, the maps on websites turned out to very often out of place (eg. users accidentally scrolled the page while the mouse was over the map). Make sure to not edit the map directly on the page.
  • make sure to learn about the .Trust file
Google Analytics

Make sure to learn about the .Trust file.

Social media icons
  • Like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, etc..
  • Provide a built-in icon for each, allow overriding them.
  • Obviously, the links shall be configurable, and
  • one shall be able to pick which to show/hide.