Frontend JS Engineer (React.js)


We are looking for a talented frontend engineer to take charge of the client side tools of Boomla. The video below will give you an idea.

Role mission

Make working with Boomla websites fast, intuitive and fun for both non-techies and developers.


  • Build an improved toolbar and side panel which, in particular, shows the website’s filesystem, and allows “playing lego with Boomla files”, as in:
    • creating new files,
    • moving/copying/deleting files,
    • selecting multiple files,
    • customizing files,
    • highlights files on the page as well, and
    • comes with full keyboard navigation support.
  • Build an improved IDE with full keyboard navigation support.
  • Build an improved rich text editor.


Meet most of the following:

  • In depth knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS. Across browsers & platforms.
  • Ability to write modular, well-structured, highly performant code.
  • Deep knowledge of computer science fundamentals: data structures, algorithms, OO design.
  • Understanding of complex data structures, like hash maps, Merkle trees.
  • Good understanding of code complexity, big O notation.
  • Love TDD.
  • Functional programming enthusiast.
  • Experience with React.js.
  • Cross-browser testing experience.
  • Experience using CSS preprocessors, like SASS, SCSS or LESS.
  • Experience with Bootstrap, Foundation or other CSS frameworks.
  • Everyday Linux user, comfortable using a terminal.
  • Have written a program of 5k+ SLOC.
  • Have an engineering background.
  • Fluent English.
  • Analytical mindset.

Bonus points

  • Experience with Node.js, Babel.js, Webpack, Typescript.
  • Experience with strongly typed languages, like Go, C/C++, C#, Java, etc.
  • Experience with exotic programming languages, like Haskell, Lisp, Erlang, etc.

What makes Boomla stand out?

  • Boomla has over 10 years of R&D behind it. It is a “well thought-out system”.
  • Functional programming is spreading. Wherever it shows up, it quickly becomes a best practice. A functional application platform greatly simplifies software development, yet there are no solutions on the market. Let’s change that.
  • The Boomla OS has a 130k+ lines, robust codebase.
  • You will start a separate codebase starting from scratch, only using a few APIs of the Boomla platform.
  • As we are building a platform for the Web, you will build something your friends and family can use.
  • One feature of Boomla is building websites. Boomla makes websites faster and 100x cheaper to operate.
  • Boomla passed a scalability audit.

Remote / on-site

Remote OK. We also have an office in Budapest.

How to apply

If interested, send your CV to tibor.halter@<this domain>.