A better editing experience


We have released a new version of the Frontend Toolchain for a greatly improved editing experience.

A video is worth 1000 words, so here it goes:



List of changes

Here is a list of changes as a quick reference:

Frontend Toolchain

  • new Block mode instead of icons

    • toggle by hotkey

    • to exit Block mode, you can also press Esc or click a blank area

    • highlighter shows what can be selected

    • grab selected files anywhere for dragging

    • the mouse cursor will indicate if dropping will move / copy / do nothing

    • right click for the contextmenu

    • block selection mode:

    • bottom-up by default - the deepest file under the mouse will be selected

    • double-click to select elements higher up in the hierarchy

    • you can switch to top-down mode to select the top-most element first and drill downwards on double-click

    • delete files by hitting the Delete key on your keyboard

    • select multiple files via Ctrl-click

    • the contextmenu is supported on multiple files

    • you can move them around with the mouse, press Ctrl to copy

    • Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V are supported for selected files

    • Ctrl+V starts pasting the selection, use the drop guide for finishing the paste operation

  • on/off switch

  • file upload: the toolchain must be turned on

  • Text mode

    • autosave

    • explicitely save/discard changes

    • upon reload, the page scroll position and your cursor focus are restored

    • improved feedback: some text blocks support formatting, others don’t

  • the New Panel and the File Panel are now on individual tabs on the Sidebar

  • Version tab removed, access from the Control Panel

  • new button: temporarily remove toolchain

  • profile image instead of your name


  • the IDE is now a generic package you can install

  • clicking the IDE will ask you to install it if it is not yet installed

  • you can now use undo/redo within the IDE

  • you can now use the New Panel within the IDE

  • use Block mode for file operations



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