Boomla CDN


I'd like to introduce the Boomla CDN, a custom built Content Delivery Network (CDN) for Boomla that will help websites load faster and be accessible around the world.

It is automatically used on every website for visitors that are not logged in. This means it will affect visitor load times and search engine rankings but not your editing experience.

For those who are aware, we have been using an external CDN provider until now. They have recently migrated to a new CDN software that proved to be extremely unreliable, so we pretty much had to turn it off immediately. Even before that, I've received a few complaints that the CDN was inaccessible for certain users.

After considering our options, I've decided the best solution is to take our faith in our own hands and roll our own. This means that Boomla now operates several CDN servers around the world.

The resulting CDN is 30% faster and so far it has proven reliable after testing it from over 200 locations worldwide. (The one we have replaced had a staggering 40% failure rate.) Crucially, if there is an issue, now we will have full control to step in and fix it.



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