Building a multi-purpose theme


I'm working on a multi-purpose theme for Boomla. I'm a programmer so instead of creating one opinionated theme, naturally, I want to make it as configurable as possible, so that you can bend it to your liking.

  • There will be various components ala wireframe style.

  • Each component will be made up of atomic elements. While you could build the components yourself from these atomic elements, they are great for inspiration.

  • You will be able to assemble a website from the components and then edit them: change the text, images, etc...

  • It should be possible to customize the theme centrally, to define a central color palette, fonts, button styles, etc..


Final result

Let's jump to the final result. In the end, you should be able to assemble a page from components, then customise them. Below, you can see the wireframe version on the left and the final customised one on the right.

Component wireframes

Here is a list of components I have put together. You can click to open them on a new tab so you can see them enlarged (or just zoom in if you are on mobile/tablet).

Grid system

Probably the most important atomic element will be the grid element. I plan to use a 12-column Bootstrap-like grid system. It will be responsive with lots of configuration options.

All the components above are built on top of this grid.


Feedback wanted

It will not happen in one go. I plan to take one step at a time and get as much feedback from you as possible so that I can build something you want / need.

I'm looking for all kinds of feedback on this, so this is an open ended request.

Does it inspire you to build a website from these components?

I'm especially looking for early-adopters who wanted to use the above as soon as I can ship it.

What do you think?


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