App installation

Open Source

You can only install apps that you either own or are Open Source. If you want others to install your app, make sure you mark it as Open Source (among the branch settings).

Installing an app

Let’s see what happens when you install the app

Bullet point version

  • File /sys/apps/ is created.
  • File /sys/apps/ is created.
  • File /sys/apps/ imports
  • File type of /sys/apps/ set to ./src, so they build a type chain. This way you can use the file type within your website and be able to apply central configuration changes to it. (In case we imported directly within /sys/apps/, it would be read-only, so you could not customize it centrally.)
  • Children of are appended to /sys/new, so they will show up on the Toolbar’s New tab.
  • If descendants of had file types referencing children of, for example the app, their type chains will be extended at /sys/apps/ respectively (with file type ../src/foo).


The app is installed into /sys/apps/ This file will not contain the app filesystem directly, rather the /sys/apps/ file, which will import the app filesystem with an immutable import link, for example import 01d135c52bd92f7e39beff4f64d09aca944707b256. The type of /sys/apps/ will be set to ./src, thus /sys/apps/ and the imported website at /sys/apps/ will form a type chain. This is important, because the import links are read-only, so one can not configure the app at /sys/apps/, but /sys/apps/ can be configured.

Also, any app referenced among the descendants of by their types will also be added under /sys/apps/ to make it configurable, given the app is a direct child of the app’s root file. For example, if the app is used as a file type among the /.New files, then /sys/apps/ will be created with a file type ../src/foo.

The purpose of this is to allow using the apps and as valid file types within your website, and be able to configure those apps centrally.


PATH                            TYPE                    LINK
/sys/apps/           ./src                   
/sys/apps/       same as     import
/sys/apps/       ../src/foo

Type chain

Here is what the resulting type chain of will look like for multiple instances of

Extending the Toolbar

To write an app that extends the Toolbar upon installation, add those files under /.New on the app website. Read more on the .New file.

Install on Boomla

You may want to add an Install on Boomla link to your website. The easiest way to do this is via the Install on Boomla app, which of course you can install on your website.