Inline contents in HTML code.


Inline files and return a HTML response with a content-type string attribute set to text/html; charset=utf-8.

Inlining a file means executing its .Inline method and embedding the result.

What makes this app special is that it extracts the <head> tags of any inlined files and puts them all in its own response <head>.


The following snippets will be replaced with inlined file’s responses:

<? inline(query) ?>
<? inline(query, wrap) ?>

where query is a string file selector that is resolved relative to the file itself, and wrap is boolean true or false [default true]. If true, the inlined files will be wrapped in the following HTML snippet so that client side tools can recognize the file (in the browser), which gives you drag-and-drop functionality and the Boomla file icon on hovering the mouse.

<div class="o1-file" data-o1-path="/path"></div>


<div class="-wrapper">
    <div class="-left">
        <? inline('menu', false) ?>
    <div class="-right">
        <? inline(':1:c') ?>

Implemented OS Interfaces