Warning: Windows only. See more below.

The SFTP connection allows you to access the POSIX filesystem view of your Boomla filesystem from your host operating system.

WinSCP screenshot


Host name: the URL of the website you want to connect to, for example example.com.

Port number: as specified in your config file, by default 2222. Note that Boomla prints it to the console when you start it.

User name: URL@URL having both instances of URL replaced with the URL of the website you want to connect to. For example example.com@example.com. Yeah I know that is ugly I’ll work on that later :D

Password: the password of your account. If you have multiple websites on the same account, they share the same password.

Key based authentication is not supported.


Only SFTP protocol v5 is supported. Most clients only support v3, they won’t work. Though v3 is partially supported, don’t get false hopes you won’t be able to edit anything.

Supported clients


  • WinSCP

Mac, Linux

  • WinSCP via wine - not verified

I greatly appreaciate any feedback on clients. If you find any clients that do support SFTP v5 but still fail to work with Boomla for any reasons, pls get in touch and I’ll look into it.

NOT supported clients

The clients below are known to not work. Usually the cause is that they only support SFTP v3 instead of v5.

  • Filezilla
  • Cyberduck

SFTP Text Mode

SFTP Text mode is not supported and you shouldn’t need it. Just change your setting to not use it.

Settings: WinSCP

In WinSCP, the default event for double-clicking is to Edit a file in the default text editor as a text. That is unfortunate, what if you want to open an image? You have to set the default double-click event to Open, as shown in the images below.

WinSCP comes with a hack to mimic transactions, that doesn’t play well with Boomla: uploading files with a “.filepart” suffix and then renaming them (in case of files above a threshold, say 100Kb). You have to disable it as shown on the image below:

Also, below you can see how to set default transmission to be binary:

Known limitations

  • The ..ORDER file is not yet present on the SFTP layer. To edit file order and placeholders, please use other means, like the Boomla shell, the JS console or the web frontend.