Reserved filenames

Filenames starting with a dot followed by an uppercase letter are reserved. The use of such filenames is not allowed by default, except for those whitelisted below and for their intended purpose.

Special filenames

  • .Contextmenu - app specific contextmenu entries
  • .Docs - app documentation; if exists, visitors are redirected here
  • .Inline - inline event handler
  • .InlineStyle - apply namespaced CSS on inlined HTML code
  • .New - add files to the Toolbar’s New tab upon installing
  • .Page - mark file as a page
  • .Request - request event handler
  • .RequestStyle - apply namespaced CSS on requested HTML code
  • .Trust - allow communication with trusted websites (Content-Security-Policy)

Deprecated special filenames

  • .Class - DEPRECATED - holds an app
  • .Style - for applying namespaced CSS on requested and inlined HTML code.