Boomla on your domain

For Boomla to fully work on your domain, you need to configure your domain to point to the Boomla infrastructure. Log in to your domain provider and configure the following A records:

  • shall point to IP
  • * shall point to IP

The second entry, * will ensure that Boomla can redirect visitors from to your root domain. (It just happens that lots of visitors assume that they have to type www in front of domain names.)

Also, as you create branches of your website, those will be created on subdomains like By directing all subdomains of your website to the Boomla infrastructure via the * selector, you ensure that any branch you create will work immediately, without further configuration.

Boomla on a subdomain of yours

If you want to host a website on a subdomain of yours, say, you will have to do the same thing, configure the following A records:

  • shall point to IP
  • * shall point to IP

The hosts file

This section explains a temporary fix if for whatever reason you can not change your DNS records, or during the time those changes take effect.

There is a hosts file on your system containing domain to IP address mappings. It is a text file you can open in any text editor. (MS Word is not a text editor. Try Sublime) The contents of this file will override public domain to IP address mappings with your local configuration. So, keep in mind, if you change this file, it will affect only your machine and not those of others.

The place of this file varies by platforms:

  • Windows: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
  • Linux, Mac OS X: /etc/hosts

Note that the hosts file does not support the * selector. So, you will have to specify each branch you want to use.

For example:     

If you have problems editing this file, please search the web for a solution.