Create Markdown content

This builds on the following intros:



You can create markdown content by using the built-in type markdown-1. It works just like using the html-1 built-in type, except you will use a markdown syntax.

In the IDE, let’s create a content file that will display the markdown code. Make sure you put it in the right placeholder.

Mark it as an app, and create .Inline file in it for rendering the file within the page.

Set its type to markdown-1 for writing markdown code, and its body to hello world.

# Hello world

Let’s refresh the page. There you go.

Looking at the source, you will find that the html code that was generated from markdown is wrapped in a div, with the class -div. This allows you to apply custom css to it.

Let’s create a .InlineStyle file. When writing css, make sure you prefix any selectors with the -div class. For example, let’s make our heading blue.

.-div h1 {
    color: blue;

That’s it.