Package installation

A package is simply a website that contains apps with the intention to be installed on other websites.

You can only install packages that you either own or are Open Source. If you want others to install your package, make sure you mark it as Open Source (among the website settings).

Installing a package

Let’s see what happens when you install the package

  • The file /sys/packages/ is created.
  • It’s file link is set to package That will import the package by its hash (mount it). It is similar to copying the package to this location.


From that point on, you will be able to use apps contained in this package.

For example, if the package contains a gallery app at /sys/packages/, you will be able to use that as file type in either form:

  • /sys/packages/

That’s because /sys/packages is the default location the system is searching for apps.

Extending the Toolbar

The Boomla Toolbar’s New tab contains an Installed section. To make your package show up there, just create a /.New file in your package and add files there.

WARNING: The .New is only defined on the package root file, not on every app!

Install on Boomla

You may want to add an Install on Boomla link to your package website. The easiest way to do this is via the Install on Boomla app, which of course you can install as a package on your package website.

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