Turn into a package

A package website is a website with the intention that it can be installed onto another website to extend its functionality. This means your website is already a valid package!

Although it's optional, let's improve it a little bit.

Show files in the New Panel after installation

For all packages, the New Panel's Installed section lists all files under /.New within the package. This means you will need to add an instance of the page app under /.New as shown here:

PATH                 TYPE            TITLE
/.New                []              []
/.New/page           [/apps/page]    [Page]

Add an Install on Boomla button

To make installing your package easier, you may want to add an Install on Boomla button to it. To do that, install the package install.boomla.net on your theme website and add an install button on your root page.

Add some docs

You may want to add a short explanation to the root page that explains what this package is about. Note that the documentation will be installed with the package. For example, if our theme package is located at theme.boomla.net, and it will be installed on example.com, then the package documentation would be accessible at:


Commit the branch

Commit your changes on the Control Panel as only the latest commited change will be installed when installing your website as a package. (If you are not familiar with commiting, this saves a permanent version in your version history.)

Mark as open source

To allow others to install your package, you have to mark it as open source. To do that, go to your Control Panel, find the website's branch settings and mark it as open source. This is a privacy setting, it means that the filesystem will be accessible to others, for example, by installing it as a package or cloning the website. Marking it as open source doesn't have any licensing implications, so you should add a license if you intend to.

Of course, you can install your own package on other websites of yours without making it open source.

Submit to the Boomla Store

Send us a link here if you want to make your package available to others. (This would be super nice of you!)


Congrats, that was it! :)

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