Remove the Boomla Toolbar

Currently, you can only show the Boomla Toolbar to everybody or nobody. This means that if you turn off the Toolbar, even you won't see it. This is obviously not ideal, we will give you an option in the future to hide it for anonymous visitors only.

To turn it off in the meanwhile, go to your website's Control Panel, go to its branch settings, and in the Frontend Toolchain section, Choose "use none".

To turn it on again in the future, choose "use master".

(You may see an entry "use bleeding". We use this for testing while working on new releases. It may be totally broken, don't use it unless we asked you to.)

So long, to edit your website without ever showing the Toolbar to your visitors, create a new branch first, enable the Toolbar on that branch, make your changes, hide the Toolbar, then publish the temporary branch on the master branch of your website.

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