Install a gallery app

You could easily write a gallery app that will display some images like above.

As always, there needs to be a central gallery app that implements the .Inline method. The gallery instances will store the actual images in a selected bucket, say, in bucket 1.

While you could write this gallery app yourself, you can also install an existing gallery from the Boomla Store. For example, you could install


You can't install individual apps, only packages. A package is a fancy name for a website that is intended to be installed on other websites. Packages typically contain other apps.

You will find the installed packages under /sys/packages.


Notice that the gallery app has custom contextmenu entries. You can also add your own. Find a short how-to video on how to create contextmenu entries in the How to section.

Remember to go back to the How to section if you don't know how to do something.

See how to do it (silent video)

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