What is Boomla?

An application platform for websites & webapps. An OS where websites are first class citizens, not an afterthought. Hence a Website OS.

I wanted to make Boomla simple, powerful and fast - in that order. I spent years iterating on the system's architecture. It started out as a framework, but as existing components proved to be the source of complexity, I was gradually replacing them with purpose built solutions. Now Boomla has its own purpose built filesystem, process model, users, etc.

Who is it for?

For both end-users and developers - and that’s the whole point. Boomla is an application platform where developers build applications that end-users can use.

What programming language can I use?

JavaScript for now, anything in the long term (via a byte-code interpreter). You can also build static or mostly static websites using HTML/CSS, without JS skills.

What can I do with Boomla?

  • Create a dynamic website like this one (it runs on Boomla), a company website, a blog.

  • Write multi-user webapps like a shopping-list app, a chess game, a forum.

  • Add drag&drop editing to a static HTML template.

  • Build personal tools for yourself that are available everywhere.

  • Build and host a static website.

  • Teach web development using Boomla.