Using images

We need an image app so that we can simply upload an image in the content bucket of a page and it will be automatically displayed, like so:

This makes for an interesting app because it has to implement both the .Inline method for inlining it into the HTML document and the .Request method for returning the binary data of the image upon requests.

Built-in type: image-1

As such an app is often needed, you don't have to build it yourself. The image-1 built-in app handles this for you. When you upload images via drag&drop, Boomla will automatically set their types to image-1.

  • It supports the following image formats: PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP.

  • It support caching the images on the client side.

  • It supports resizing the images on the server when the width and height query parameters are provided.

See the image-1 docs for more details.


See how to do it (silent video)

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