The toolbar is not showing

You have logged in on and created a website either on subdomain like or on a custom domain like When you visit your website, the toolbar does not show up.

When you visit your website, Boomla doesn't know it is you, you are effectively not logged in. This caused by blocked cookies.

To verify this:

  1. Go to, it should say you are logged in. (If not, log in!)

  2. Go to https://YOURDOMAIN/..login-status and verify you are NOT logged in.


Boomla uses a central login system: you have to log in once on, and as a result you will be logged in to all your websites. Log out, and you will be logged out everywhere. You can think of it as logging in to the Boomla Platform and not an individual website. This is required as most users end up having lots of websites/projects on Boomla sooner or later. Logging in to each of them individually would be a pain.

Technically, your browser is blocking cookies. It should allow using cookies from your website.

Solution 1 (simplest fix)
Try using another browser which may have different cookie settings. We only fully support Chrome and Firefox at the moment, so that should be an easy choice. :) Login issues are uncommon in Chrome, more common in Firefox, most common in Brave.

That's a great start to verify you can edit your website at least in one browser. See the other solutions to make your favorite browser work.

Solution 2
Run the cookie-test. If it succeeds, look for another solution below. If it fails, enable cookies for by either of these methods:

  • Enable cookies for explicitly [recommended].

  • Enable cookies for all visited websites.

  • Enable cookies for all websites.

Solution 3
If the cookie-test above succeeded, you most likely have an extension that is causing a conflict by either blocking cookies or rewriting your URLs.

First, I'd suggest you disable all your extensions to see if extensions are the cause at all. If this fixes the issues, re-enable them one-by-one to figure out what's the cause. You MUST clear cookies on your website every time so that the authentication will take place.

Known culprits:

  • Privacy Badger is known to cause issues. Please configure it to allow cookies on, then clear cookies on your website and reload the page.

  • ClearURLs is known to cause issues. No fix is currently known, you will need to disable this extension for Boomla to work.

If you run into issues with any other extensions, please report them.


Could not solve?

Please get in touch via the support chat (should appear on this screen on the bottom-right), the contact form, or via Discord (see discord logo at the bottom of this page) and we will sort it out!