Access control

Private websites

A private website is only accessible by its owner and all its registered users (members). You can mark a website (branch) private in its branch settings.

Open Source websites

If a website (branch) is open source, it means:

  • visitors can access it,

  • its source code is public, including its entire filesystem,

  • its Story is public (list of commits, or saved snapshots),

  • anyone can fork it (clone it),

  • if it's a package, anyone can install it on their own websites.

You can mark a website (branch) open source in its branch settings.


A tool is a website (branch) that can access other websites. Originally, there was the IDE and some other websites that contained applications to edit other websites. Hence they were used like a hammer: a tool. They were not ends in themselves, they were only useful to edit other sites. That name stuck around for now.

You can mark a website (branch) as a tool in the branch settings.

Collaborative admin access

Boomla supports sharing entire accounts, website groups or branches with others for collaborative editing. This feature was rolled out 2020-01-17 and there is no user interface yet for configuring that. Please shoot an email to set it up for you.

This is a fine grained access control mechanism with various roles. Each role defines what permissions it has, like making the website open source. Let me know if you need a non-admin level role.