No external dependencies in the browser

A website can either be fast, secure and reliable, or it can have external dependencies.

I want an application platform to belong to the first group. If you have different preferences, you may like Wordpress.

Without external dependencies, Boomla websites will be much faster. They will also be functional online or offline, eg. from an airplane (assuming you downloaded it). This way we can guarantee that old versions of a website will remain functional.

Instead of using 3rd party solutions, you will need to use a Boomla alternative. For example, instead of uploading a video to Youtube, use the Boomla video app.

There are some online services for which you won’t find a Boomla alternative. Such is Google Maps. Instead of embedding a map into your website, you should embed an external link instead.

There are also services like analytics which have to be integrated into your site to be useful. Boomla doesn’t currently have a built-in analytics solution. I recognize having analytics is a must, so for the time being I have enabled Google Analytics instead. Note that analytics is invisible, even if it does break, it won’t affect the usability of the website (think: version history). Boomla may later provide a built-in solution instead.