Build your own CV website for FREE

Want to stand out among your peers? Build your own CV website for FREE with the Boomla website builder!

Having your own online resume shows that you are a highly professional individual. Of course it doesn't hurt if your website communicates that. :)


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Why have an online CV?

As we are moving to a digital-first world, more-and-more employers are seeking out employees online. Having an online resume helps them find you, evaluate you and finally reach out to you if they think you are a great fit.

You may also want to link your CV from any other communities where you have an online presence, including LinkedIn.


What should your CV contain?

Make sure to include the following, at minimum:

  • Personal details (name, location, etc.)


  • Education

  • Past work experiences

  • Skills

  • Outstanding achievements

  • Optionally a photo of yourself



Build your CV website with Boomla

If you want to have your online CV, definitely consider our service at Boomla. It's a high quality no-code service that is also FREE. Here is what you get:

  • Pick a template to start with
  • Edit it with our no-code editor
  • We provide the hosting infrastructure
  • 1GB storage
  • Use your custom domain
  • No ads injected
  • No hidden costs


Let's talk a bit more about the above.

Pick a template to start with

We have a template directory where you can choose a starting template. The templates are built on a high quality element kit so they are super composable, you could easily turn any one of the into the others if you took the time. You can certainly customize them to your needs.

Edit it with our no-code editor

We provide a simple no-code editor to modify your website to your needs. You'll be able to embed galleries, videos, use parallax effects - all the good stuff. Take a look at the website builder intro videos if you want to get an idea of the editing experience.

We provide the hosting infrastructure

You can forget all the hosting issues, we'll take care of that. You will also have an SSL certificate issued for you and renew periodically - nothing to do on your end.

The Boomla platform is also optimized for search engines so that you can most easily be found.

1GB storage

1GB of storage is enough for about 1000 photos, you probably don't need that many.

Use your custom domain

Want to use your own custom domain? No problem! We are not selling domains, so go find any domain registrar to buy your domain, then point it to the Boomla infrastructure. When creating a website, you will be walked through creating it on your own domain. You can also move a website to your own domain later.

You can also use a * subdomain for free.

No ads injected

No, we are not going to inject ads or branding into your website.