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An outstanding wedding deserves an outstanding wedding website. Join the growing number of couples who have decided to create and host their websites on Boomla.


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What's the purpose of a wedding website?

The purpose of a wedding website is to have a central place of information for everyone invited where they can find all the information regarding the wedding.


What shall a wedding website contain?

  • names and photos of the couple

  • schedule of events with location, date, time

  • suggested attire

  • RSVP information

  • travel and transportation information, parking options

  • accommodation options

  • FAQs


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What we offer for your wedding website

Here is what we provide for your wedding website, all for free:

  • Start with a beautiful template
  • Edit your site with using simple no-code editor
  • We take care of hosting, SSL certificates, etc.
  • You get 1GB of FREE storage
  • Use your own domain
  • No branding is injected
  • Keep online for as long as you wish


Let's elaborate a bit more on the above.

Start with a beautiful templates

Find a template you like and choose it as a starting point.

Edit your site using our simple no-code editor

Our simple no-code editor let's you adjust an existing template really quickly to your needs. You will be working with high level objects like a gallery, an image or a text element, which allow you to have a beautiful website live in no time.

We take care of hosting, SSL certificates, etc.

You probably already have enough on your plate, don't worry about the technical details. We'll make sure your website just works around the world. Go focus on your content!

You get 1GB of FREE storage

1GB of free storage is enough for about 1000 wedding photos sized for the web. That should be plenty.

Use your own domain

Want to use you own domain? Great! Find a domain registrar, purchase it, point it to Boomla and you are ready to go.

Of course you can use a subdomain for free. You can also build your website first and then connect your own domain later.

No branding is injected

Don't worry, we are not going to inject branding or ads into your precious wedding website.

Keep online for as long as you wish

Why would anyone decide to remove their wedding website right after the wedding? Upload all the photos instead and keep it live as a beautiful memory. Let your friends and relatives occasionally revisit the site and recall all those precious moments.


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