Creating new pages, contents


To create a new block of text on the page, or a page itself, open the Boomla Toolbar’s New tab. Here you can find building blocks for your site. For example, to create a new block of text, grab the Text element, drag it over the content area, and release it. A text block will be created, and you will be able to edit it as usual.

This yellow area that was highlighted -let’s do it again,- is called a placeholder. As you can see, it’s placeholder 1. Once the placeholder contains something, new contents can be dropped relative to those too. For example, let’s create a heading over the text block. To do this, drag the heading element over the text block so that the top-left of it will be highlighted. Then, release it. To create a heading below the same text block, drop a new heading element over the bottom-right of it.

This way of creating new elements is not unique to contents. Creating new pages, works just like that. New, Page, and drop after License. To create a subpage of, say, the Gallery page, drop a new page, into, the Gallery page. There you go, we just created a subpage! But that’s not good enough, let’s create a sub-sub-page! You get the idea.

Notice, that we haven’t saved anything. You only need to save changes you made through the editing mode.

On the other hand, undo / redo is available as usual. Watch the menu. Undo, undo, redo, redo.

When dragging new elements onto the page, Boomla will hold your hand. It won’t let you drop elements, where they are not allowed. For example, creating a page will make sense relative to other pages, but it won’t make sense to create a new page in the content area, so when you drag a page over the content area, it will not react.

Similarly, creating a new page before your website’s root page, doesn’t make sense either, because, well, it would be outside of your website, in the intergalactic space of the Internet. The same way, you can a new heading before and after a block of text, but you can’t drop it in there, because it could not be displayed.