Cut, copy, paste, delete


When we hover the mouse over a file, the file’s icon appears, which you should already know. It’s a handle to the file. One way of using it is grabbing it to move the file around.

Alternatively, you can also click the icon to bring up the file’s contextmenu. For example, you can use it to delete the file.

This Middle page is empty. Let’s move something here via Cut and Paste. That will do. Click the icon, Cut, go to the Middle page, click its icon, and select Paste into.

The file did appear, and looking at the Home page, it’s indeed gone, so it worked!

Copy and Paste works just like that. Let’s copy it on the Bottom page. Click the icon, Copy, go to the Bottom page, click its icon, and Paste into. There it is. And it still exists on the Middle page.

You can move and copy more complex structures as well. For example, that gallery contains multiple images. See the 2 icons here? One of them is for gallery, and the other is for the first image. If you click it, you can read the file’s name at top. So the first icon is for the gallery, and the second icon is for the first image. Let’s copy the gallery, and paste it into the middle page. Notice that the images were copied as well.

We could also copy an entire page. Let’s copy the Middle page into the Bottom page. That creates a subpage. Let’s copy it back into the middle page. As you can see, subpages are copied as well.

And, of course, you can also use undo/redo for all these operations.