Installing apps


The Toolbar of this website is almost empty, so let’s click the Install more button to install another application.

We land in the Boomla Store. Alternatively, you can also get here by going to, and then going to the Apps page.

The apps are sorted in categories. To find out more about an app, click its domain to pull up its documentation. For example, let’s open Every app is packaged as a website, containing its own documentation. To install this app, either click this Install on Boomla button, or the Install button in the Boomla Store. You will have to select the website on which you want to install this app. Most of the time, that’s all you need to do.

As you can see, the Toolbar was extended. Let’s verify this. I’m going to close that tab. Refresh. New. And indeed, the Gallery was added. You can immediately use it. Let’s upload some images as well.

If you don’t like the app after all, you can undo the installation. To click undo the right amount of times, check the Toolbar’s New tab. At this point, the Gallery is installed. Undo again. And, now the Gallery is not there any more, so we have undone the installation.

Some applications require you to trust 3rd party service providers. For example, to install a YouTube video player, obviously, you will have to rely on YouTube to play the video. Let’s try this. Install more. Here is the app, let’s open its documentation. Yupp, that’s a youtube video player. Let’s install it. On the playground.

There you go, a message we haven’t seen yet! Em, sorry for that but I’m going to read this out aloud, because I’m pretty sure most people are not going to read it otherwise. So, here it goes.

Installing this app requires you to trust the following 3rd party service providers. Trusting these providers will give them READ + WRITE access to your data. Apps that rely on external resources also make your website significantly slower. Are you REALLY sure you want to do this?

So, to rephrase, if you install this app, you allow to run programs in your browser, in your name. For example, it could export your entire website. I’m not implying that youtube is bad, but it’s a security risk nevertheless.

So, I recommend you do NOT install such applications, unless you absolutely have to. Again, it’s a security risk. It also makes your website slower. It makes your website fragile, as external services may break. It will prevent your website from working in offline mode. It makes version controlling your website difficult.

Note that trusting a 3rd party, clears your undo history. You can undo the installation in a different way, I’ll explain that in the version control sections.

If you like Boomla, because it is so simple, don’t shoot yourself in the foot by making it more complex. If you don’t rely on 3rd party services, that will make using Boomla so much simpler for you. So for now, if you see that screen, I suggest you go for cancel.