Text editing



To edit the text on this website, you must be first logged in. Notice the Edit button on the Boomla Toolbar. Clicking it will open the Edit tab and put the page in editing mode. Some parts of the page will have a red outline. These are editable areas. Click into them, and change the text as you wish.

Once you are done, make sure to click the save button in the Toolbar. This will make your changes permanent.

If you later change your mind, you can always use the undo/redo buttons.

If you make changes but do not want to save them, just reload the page. You will have to confirm you actually want to discard your changes. Yes, I want to leave the page.

Rich formatting

Some applications allow you to apply visual formattings to the text. Opening the Edit tab, notice that if I click in the heading, the formatting features will be disabled. Clicking in this other text block, they become clickable. So, let’s make this text bold. And this other one, a link.

We can also add a caption to this image. These are all separate applications, each defining, what you can do with them. Let’s again save our changes.

Renaming pages

A special note about editing menu entries. These entries link to the pages on the website. Going to the Gallery page, notice that the URL ends in /gallery. Now, let’s change it to What an experience!!!, and save it. The URL was updated as well to give you friendly URLs.