Website OS

For Users

A simple drag & drop website builder.

For Developers

A JavaScript web development platform.

No Admin page

You will be editing your website on your website. It feels like playing lego.

Escape Complexity

WordPress and all the frameworks are a complexity hell. On the way to create a simple website builder, we threw out everything we absolutely had to.

Result: nothing remained.

The root cause of complexity turned out to be Linux, so we built a full blown virtual OS, from scratch, designed for websites. That is Boomla.

WYSIWYG editor

(What You See Is What You Get)

In text editing mode, you can edit all the text right on your web pages. Even the page names themselves in the menu!

The Boomla Filesystem

In WordPress, there is no right solution for user uploaded images. The Linux filesystem sucks because it's not transactional, plus user data belongs in the database anyway. The MySQL database sucks because it incurs a huge performance overhead when serving images.

The Boomla Filesystem inherited the best properties of both traditional filesystems and databases. It's a universal storage space for the Web.

Undo anything

Boomla has powerful undo/redo functionality for your entire website. You can undo literally anything.

Undo for the Filesystem

Think about it like this. Every time you want to change your website, instead of overwriting it in place, Boomla creates a new filesystem for it. These versions form an undo chain. Thus you can undo/redo anything. Pressing undo will simply select the previous version of your website's filesystem.

Automatic image resizing

Boomla will resize the images you upload, don't worry about that.

Data Deduplication

Boomla automatically deduplicates all your files. That means, even if you upload the same image 1000x, it will only use storage 1x.

This applies across your version history.

The Gallery is a Directory

To add images to a gallery, you have to upload them right into the gallery. Simple. There is no obscure images directory like on other systems, only to later link those images to the gallery. You can move or copy the gallery, as if it was a directory, the images will go with it.

The same way, a page contains all its contents. A slideshow contains all the slides. Etc.

Files in Files

Files are directories at the same time, that is, they can have child files.

Why? Encapsulation. Keeping order. For example, to keep images in the gallery file, not in an external location. If you move or copy the gallery, even to a different website, rest assured, the images will be in it.

Install Packages

Install packages from our ever growing application store.

Next. Next. Finish.

Sync JavaScript

You can program Boomla in JavaScript. Boomla provides a synchronous JS api, so that you can forget the callback hell. It feels much like PHP.

Don't get me wrong, Boomla is a highly concurrent async platform. It is only the programming interface that is synchronous. You get the best of both worlds.

Good bye 404

Boomla is so easy to work with that we often move around pages or rename them without a second thought. That way, we created lots of broken links.

To overcome this, we added automatic URL redirection. Boomla will automatically redirect your visitors from all past URLs of your pages.

Fully Transactional

When a request hits your website, Boomla will start a transaction for you and freeze the entire World. Just for you. In this universe, the only code executing is yours. (Of course, that's a useful illusion.) So forget any locking issues, race conditions or deadlocks. Those problem domains do not exist in Boomla.

When the unexpected error occurs, Boomla will automatically roll back the entire transaction. Including your filesystem.

Hosting included

Just sign up and create websites. We will handle hosting and all the other boring stuff for you.


Boomla has a serverless architecture, thus it is highly scalable. It's a buzzword meaning that your website is not tied to a single server, we can distribute the load across a number of servers.


You can create snapshots of your websites as restore points. Sometimes we also create snapshots for you, like before upgrading your packages. Feel free to create as many snapshots as you want, because only the additional changes take up space.

Version Controlled

Commit, checkout, branch, publish. We have many useful version control features you are used to.

Websites are a document oriented environment, so it is a bit different from Git. Like, it is way simpler to remove earlier versions to free up space.


We create regular backups to protect you from hardware breakdowns.

We also run data integrity checks to guarantee that not a single bit gets damaged on your website.

No Processes

Hidden state is evil. Processes hide state. Thus processes are evil. Boomla programs are functions - not processes.

Safe to play

We learn by playing, by trying things. That's why Boomla allows you to clone your websites on branches (subdomains) so that you can try anything without your visitors noticing. If you screw it up, you can just throw away the branch.

So go ahead and feel free to try everything!

Everything is a File

There is one universal data storage object, the file. We use it for everything. This greatly simplifies learning Boomla.

Blazing fast

The very first thing people notice when they start using Boomla, is how fast it is. If you haven't noticed it yet, go give it a try, click around in our menus.

Built-in Webserver

Nothing to configure. It just works.

SEO friendly

Your website's SEO score dependes on your platform (Boomla), your apps, your contents and references to it from around the Web.

Boomla itself is heavily optimized for search engine visibility. Including clean URLs, optimized images, caching, automatic redirection, sitemaps and fast response times.

Cloud IDE

Boomla comes with a simple web based IDE. You don't need to install anything.