Simple Powerful Website Builder

A simple drag&drop user interface for end users,
running on a powerful, programmable platform for developers.

Explain like

Boomla is a website builder, just like any Content Management System (CMS). Boomla can do the same things, just much simpler.

Here is what people like you love in Boomla:

  • Working with Boomla feels like playing lego. It is super simple.
  • You are editing your website on your website itself, not on a complicated admin page.
  • It is fast. (!!)
  • It is hosted. Just sign up and go.

There is NO:

  • Database
  • Linux
  • Admin page

Instead there IS:

  • drag-and-drop
  • undo/redo - feel free to experiment
  • WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get - like MS Word)

Powerful platform

Boomla was designed to look and feel like a simple toy for end users. We also took great care in designing it to be a simple platform for developers.

It is simple, yes. It feels like a toy, yes. But boy is it powerful.

If you need custom apps for Boomla, just find a JavaScript developer, and s/he will be programming it in no time. Any JavaScript developer (including your neighbour’s son) can write custom apps for you. You will also have an ever growing collection of apps to install.

Watch this video in full screen mode (!) to get an idea about what it’s like to use Boomla:

If you know HTML/CSS, you will be able to:

  • Start with a dynamic website and add your own HTML/CSS blocks to it.
  • Start with your own HTML/CSS and add dynamic blocks to it! You can even install and embed dynamic apps like a menu or a gallery right into your static HTML code with a simple snippet like this: <? inline('menu') ?>

Super simple. Pretty cool.

What works for you out of the box:

  • central login on
  • create websites with a click
  • the Boomla editor tools are injected in your site (toolbar, contextmenu, ..)
  • install apps from the Boomla Store
  • drag-and-drop to create and sort contents
  • contextmenu for each content to copy/paste/remove, configure, sort them
  • undo/redo for your entire filesystem
  • clone your website to try things without breaking your site
  • version control

Notice what you don’t have to worry about:

  • learning a dynamic programming language like JavaScript or PHP
  • learning and using an overly complex CMS admin page
  • database management
  • Apache or other web server configuration
  • Linux (users, access control, process management, the terminal, system administration in general)
  • buying or renting a server

Boomla is the best tool for creating your own website with HTML/CSS. Seriously. Go play with it!

Boomla is a synchronous server side website builder. You will find it is full of interesting ideas.


  • Boomla is an application platform, not a framework. The Web is already so complex. We need to not only add new ideas, but remove the outdated ones. Frameworks add. Platforms replace.
  • You can just sign up and create websites. (Until recently, you could download and run Boomla on Windows, Mac, Linux. Nobody wanted to download it, so we temporarily disabled that to move faster. Let us know if you would rather develop it locally.)
  • Boomla comes with a different Filesystem that supports transactions and high concurrency.
  • The Boomla Filesystem doubles as a Database by storing structured data. First this will be weird. THEN YOU WILL LOVE IT!!! <3
  • Boomla runs applications in isolated JavaScript VMs.
  • Boomla comes with built-in version control.
  • Boomla replaces the entire stack with one, simple, coherent, integrated solution.
  • The first people notice: it is surprizingly fast.
  • This website runs on Boomla. Entirely.

Boomla vs any CMS

Working with a CMS is not fun. A CMS cobbles together existing systems to get the job done: to build websites. Boomla is like, okay, we figured out how websites shall work, so let’s throw away those cobbled together prototypes and build a real thing. Boomla is a real application platform for websites, from scratch. It makes web development fun again.

Why should I care?

  • Boomla is fast.
  • The Boomla Filesystem makes you dramatically more productive (small apps consistently ended up being 17x shorter).
  • Boomla feels like a software from a different universe. Avoid it if you hate radically new ideas.
  • Once you got over the initial learning curve with Boomla, you will not want to touch any CMS again.

Will it be around in 5 years?

Boomla has already been around for a decade. In the first part, it has been researched and prototyped out of passion. Now we are growing a team.

It absolutely will be around.

WordPress is a framework, Boomla is a platform.

Frameworks add. Platforms replace.

Web development is overly complex because all the tools add their own little functionality and ways of thinking. Adding is not enough any more. We need to remove the outdated parts. Boomla not only adds “Boomla” to your stack, it also removes Linux, Apache, MySQL, etc..

You still get all the same features, and more.

Wix aims to be simple, beautiful.
Boomla aims to be simple, beautiful, programmable.