Build web apps fast, that scale

Writing code is complex, slow, expensive. Nocode tools aim to fix this, but they are limited, have slow response times and scale poorly. Boomla is a full-stack programming language and platform that brings you the best of both worlds.

Move faster

Using a typical stack, most teams waste 90% of their time integrating the components of their stack and waiting for the build to finish. Boomla is a full-stack programming language and platform empowering you to focus on the task at hand, instead of wasting time and mental energy on incidental complexity.

Faster response times

If your web app is slow, it is most likely due to slow database access. Typically, the underlying reason is database latency, so we have completely eliminated it with a builtin database, thus having zero latency data access.

To learn more, please request a demo.

Better scalability

The database tends to be the central bottleneck limiting scalability. Say, every user request initiates 100 database queries. Traditionally, these queries are queued individually, which really hurts response times as the number of visitors go up.

Not in Boomla. In Boomla, every app server has its own snapshot of the database, thus queries can be executed immediately, instead of being queued.

Learn faster

The weapon of choice in designing Boomla was eliminating problem spaces. This reduces the amount of knowledge one needs to master by orders of magnitudes. The result is a platform one can learn in a fraction of the time.

As a consequence, Boomla empowers developers to build entire web apps single-handedly. This reduces head-count and communication overhead, simplifies hiring and vastly reduces development costs.

Start small, grow big

Boomla is optimized to require minimal boilerplate, which is critical when building the first version of your product.

Later, as your codebase grows, the requirements shift towards having better composition capabilities and reducing technical debt. Boomla has you covered to build even the most sophisticated apps. To learn more, request a demo.

Avoid tech debt

Everyone will tell you to avoid technical debt. It will slow you down or even kill your project. It is the tech equivalent of culture. Totally vague. Lots of useless advise.

Interestingly, functional programming languages have figured it out. They are well known for their maintainability and that the codebases will remain very flexible to work with. Unfortunately, they have an exotic syntax and other exotic ideas which prevents them from spreading.

Boomla merges the flexibility of functional programming languages with the developer experience of mainstream languages, resulting in a language that is familiar and easy to learn, while avoiding the primary cause of technical debt: tight coupling via pointers.

Allow us to blow your mind. Request a demo.

Make it look great

Boomla comes with an integrated design language to make creating beautiful apps simple.

It also supports creating your own design system to keep your design coherent as your codebase grows.

NoCode first

Nocode allows you to move faster even if you know how to code, so one would use it whenever possible. In case it is not a great fit for the task at hand, one would revert to using code. This way, you can mix-and-match the two.

To create the most capable platform, we believe nocode shall be purely a user-interface (UI) over a code-based platform. The nocode UI is in progress. Until then, only code is available.