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So, I started using the new @BoomlaWebsiteOS site-builder this week; wordpress, google sites, moonfruit and squarespace should be quaking in their BOOTS - it's the most powerful solution I've ever used, simple as anything, amazing support and um... free... wow.

9:32 PM · Jun 3, 2020
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computer wise

@BoomlaWebsiteOS just used to build a new website, give them a try, very good support from owner. And IT IS FREE !!! #computer #technology #pc #tech #gaming #laptop #computerscience #software #windows #programming #computers #coding #pcgaming #business

5:33 PM · Jun 20, 2020
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Start with one of our high quality templates for a professional look.
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Move fast using our high level block based editor. Don't waste time fiddling with manually aligning each element.
Your website runs on the Boomla hosting infrastructure. It's all managed for you.

Responsive templates

All Boomla templates are fully responsive - looks great on mobile and wider screens. The elements adapt their layout according to the screen size so you don't need to do anything.

Drag & drop editor

Create and move around elements, upload files, all with a simple drag&drop interface.

Nested components

The hierarchical component structure of Boomla lets you create more sophisticated results in no time.

On-page text editor

Edit your web pages right on the pages themselves. Our on-page text editor helps you do that in context, so that you can see the results instantly.

Automatic image resizing

Images are automatically resized for a faster browsing experience. The original images are not modified.

Hosting included

The Boomla UI kit runs on the Boomla platform giving you access to a world-class hosting infrastructure for free.

Fast page-loads around the world

Our world-wide Content-Delivery-Network (CDN) makes sure your website loads fast all around the world.


Removed an image, an entire page or a subtree of pages? You are covered. Enjoy undo/redo for your entire website.


Clone your website and try different ideas behind the scenes. Publish once you like the results.


We create backups of your website regularly so you don't need to worry about loosing your stuff. All backups are integrity checked to guarantee that not a single bit was damaged.


The Boomla Website Builder runs on the Boomla OS and platform, which is programmable - also on the server side.

Developer? See the Developer Tutorial.

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