Fast, simple, website builder

Filesystem for the Web

Boomla runs on a new kind of filesystem designed for websites. This is the BIG IDEA™ behind it. It just makes sense. Once you tried it, it's hard to look back.

Bootstrap ready

Static websites work on Boomla out of the box. Just upload and enjoy. Then, add some superpowers.

Fully Version Controlled

Undo/redo for the entire filesystem of your website. Try ideas on branches (subdomains). Commit. Fork. Push.
Boomla is fully transactional.

Cloud IDE

All development tools are available from your browser. Nothing to install, update and configure - unless you want to.

Develop locally

If you want, you can download and run Boomla locally. This way, you can use your existing tools for Boomla development, like your favorite text editor.


We provide the infrastructure for you. Just sign up and create websites.


After getting started with a static website, move your contents into standalone files. You'll enjoy lots of benefits for free: drag-and-drop frontend, cut/copy/paste, context menu, etc.


Run Javascript on the server. It's synchronous JS, forget the callback hell. You can also write markdown or pure HTML.

Fast pageloads

Instead of reading about it, see it for yourself, click around in our menus.