What is Boomla?

To give you an idea:

  • A functional platform for building websites.
  • The entire platform is transactional, like the Web, unlike Linux.
  • Use it as a service (sign up) or download and run it locally.
  • Forget the LAMP + WordPress stack, Boomla is a replacement for all of it.
  • Boomla is built on a new kind of filesystem, designed for the requirements of the Web.
    • For example, files may store other files, there is no separate concept for files and directories.
    • The Boomla Filesystem is transactional, forget locking issues, manual rollbacks.
    • It comes with built-in version control: enjoy undo; access branches on subdomains like branch.example.com, push/pull websites around. No, it is not built on Git, but it’s similar.
  • You can program it in JavaScript. (Synchronous, no async callback hell.)
  • Boomla is object oriented. Objects and classes are files and file types in Boomla.
  • Everything is a file.


  • Simplicity. Both for end-users and developers.
  • Linux was never designed as a platform for a concurrent environment, which the Web is.
  • Encapsulation is a huge problem on the Web. CSS files and assets directories are a mess.
  • You have to deal with lots of legacy. 3 users (Linux, DB, CMS), 3 kinds of access control, 2 totally different data stores (DB, FS). Not in Boomla.
  • The LAMP stack is a stack, not a platform. Because your website has external dependencies, version controlling it is extremely complex (eg. PHP extensions are not part of your website’s codebase).
  • Databases are not for humans. To make a real application platform on the Web for people, we need to get rid of the database.

Ideal user?

  • In the short term:
    • non-technical users, who just want a simple website,
    • less experienced web developers who want learn less and get shit done,
    • hardcore developers who want to play with crazy new tech, and
    • startuppers who want to take a bet on the Next Big Thing.
  • In the long run, Boomla will be a general purpose platform for everyone. What it will likely not be the best choice for is building Amazon or Google on top of it, because those problems need exteremly purpose designed solutions. For the remaining 99.99%, Boomla seems to be a great fit.