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UI kit

Boomla UI kit
Lots of user interface (UI) elements. This package is preinstalled on most themes as it needs some custom setup.


Countdown timer
Based on Flipdown.


Google Maps. Configure marker position, zoom level, map height.


YouTube video
YouTube video player. Supports large videos - but is an external provider.
Video.js player
Video.js based video player. Host your videos on Boomla. (Boomla file size limit of 10MB applies.)


Add call-to-action buttons to your site. Configure the URL, shape, colors.


Change the favicon of your pages - the icon that appears on browser tabs and mobile shortcut icons.


Extend the contextmenu of your apps with configuration settings. A form-builder with various field types.
Install on Boomla
Add an 'Install on Boomla' button to your packages, if you want to enable others to install them.
Simple frontend JavaScript code bundler and testing framework.
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