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Install the packages below to extend the functionality of your websites.

Are you a developer? Write your own packages and share them with the community!

Warning: the packages below are not design-compatible with the latest Boomla theme. Of course, that doesn't matter in every case, like the YouTube video player. Use your judgement.


Image gallery. Click to enlarge images. Configure the aspect ratio, the number of images per row, spacing.
Image slideshow. Lots of configurations. Sort/upload images on a dedicated page.
Quickly add stylish icons on your website. Uses the Font Awesome icon pack with 1200+ icons. Lots of customizations.
Crop images
Crop images to identical shapes. Use for profile images, product images, etc.


Text elements
Headings and text blocks. Customize colors, font sizes. Edit right on the page in text editing mode.
Use markdown to add contents to your website. Edit via the IDE.
Simple error message.


Video.js player
Video.js based video player. Host your videos on Boomla. (Boomla file size limit of 10MB applies.)
Built-in video player
Use the built-in video player of the browser. Host the video on Boomla. Boomla file size limit of 10MB applies.
YouTube video
YouTube video player. Supports large videos - but is an external provider.


Google Maps. Configure marker position, zoom level, map height.


Add some space between contents. Configure the size.
Horizontal layout
Normally, contents are displayed below each other. Display them horizontally instead.
Background color
Place contents on a colored background. (Text, images, etc..) Choose your color.
Group contents together to simplify your structure. Then you can move/copy them as one block.
Max-width column
Create a centered column, defined by a maximum width. (Prevent using all space on large screens.)
Centered column %
Create a centered column, defined as a % width of its container.
Split a column into [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] smaller columns.
Show contents on panels, one at a time. Often used for F.A.Q.
Show contents on tabs, one at a time.


Simple, paper looking page with a menu on the left. Supports lots of pages and a deep menu tree.
Simplicity page
Simple paper looking page with a menu above the paper. Great when only a few pages are needed.


Allow visitors to leave comments.


Enable visitors to send messages to the website owner.


Add call-to-action buttons to your site. Configure the URL, shape, colors.
Use images as a menu. Configure the URLs.


Add search functionality to your website.
File attachments
Share any kind files on your website.


Navigation menu
Responsive menu with a single level of subpages (no deep subpages).
Install on Boomla
Add an 'Install on Boomla' button to your packages, if you want to enable others to install them.
Extend the contextmenu of your apps with configuration settings. A form-builder with various field types.
Simple frontend JavaScript code bundler and testing framework.
Develop and test views independently from the application logic.
Bootstrap 3 as CSS Module. Use with sjs-3 apps.
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