Hard-to-beat pricing

Use your own domain
Ad free
1 GB
Max file size
10 MB
Data transfer
Number of websites

Plan details

Use free *.boomla.net subdomain
Unlimited number of pages
Professional theme with lots of building blocks
Drag-and-drop user interface
Rich text editor
Undo / redo
Automatic image resizing
Automatic 404 redirection
Search engine friendly URLs
Access to the Boomla Store
Server side programming (JS)
Browser based Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Private websites
Version control
Branches on subdomains
Central login to all Boomla websites



How do you make money?

For now, Boomla is not making money. I know this rings the alarms in lots of heads as you don't want your web host to go out of business or start making money uncool ways. Don't worry, there is a plan to keep it sustainable. Boomla will make money once it gets bigger, here is how:

  • Start a domain registrar. We all have to pay for domains anyway so why not put the money for better use? If you don't need a custom domain, just go ahead and use a free *.boomla.net subdomain.

  • Additionally, I plan to start an application store for both free and paid stuff. That would benefit everyone: end-users will have more applications to choose from, developers can make money from Boomla - and importantly, Boomla can take a cut that would pay the operating costs. Win-win.

  • Lastly, Boomla is not only a website builder but an entire OS, so I imagine lots of applications will demand more resources than a website. It would be impossible to provide infinite resources for everyone, for free, thus we will have to cap it at some reasonable limits and make everything above it pay to play. Think of extra storage and others. 1GB storage is already a lot but some users may need terabytes. Let them have it.


That's the plan. If you help spread the word, the user base of Boomla will grow faster, thus we can grow the team faster, thus Boomla will improve faster.

What's the catch?

There is none. Just sign up and create a website to see it for yourself. You will need an email address for activation and that's it. No credit card is needed. There are no secret paid plans.

Can I host a for profit website for free?

Absolutely. Please make lots of money!

Can I run a webshop on Boomla?

Boomla does not currently have apps that would allow you to run an online store.

Can I host a static website on Boomla?


See the tutorial on hosting a static website on Boomla

Can I host a Wordpress site on Boomla?


WordPress is really a software stack like WordPress + Linux + MySQL + Apache. You get the complexity of all of them. As a result, it is slow, hard to program, expensive to maintain.

Boomla is a single integrated application platform, focused on simplicity. As a result, it is fast, simple to program and has practically zero maintenance cost.

Boomla and WordPress are two incompatible universes.

Let's get started