Website builder
Pro theme, templates
Responsive elements
Use your own domain
SSL Certificate
Ad free, branding free
Search engine friendly (SEO)
1 GB
Data transfer
Number of websites
Website Builder
Our Free plan allows you to create websites for free without entering a credit card.

Create a personal home page, blog, or portfolio website. Introduce your business, non-profit or soccer team. Share your favorite recipes, organize your wedding, publish detailed information about the house you have for sale. Whatever you need.

1GB of storage is a lot, most websites don't even come close. You will most likely reach that if you have like 1000 photos or lots of websites.

Where you may hit the limits. 1) 3rd party integrations may be needed for business websites. 2) Visitors can not store data, like adding items to a shopping cart.

You can use your own domain if you have one. We expect to start a domain registrar in the future at which point we will ask you to move your domain to our registrar. Your cost will remain roughly the same.
Integrations are 3rd party resources embedded into your websites.

Let's clarify the difference. Adding a link to a YouTube video that the user has to click to go to does NOT count as an integration. It's just a link. On the other hand, you can embed the YouTube player into your website, so that your visitors can watch it on your site, not on That DOES count.

Similarly, adding a PayPal link to get paid does NOT count as an integration. It's just a link. On the other hand, you can also integrate PayPal by embedding a script. That DOES count.
Basic Integrations
YouTube video
Google Maps
Advanced Integrations
Google Analytics
Any other
$5 each
per month
First 1GB
Next 1GB
$0.09 per GB
per month
Max file size
Calculated across all websites
Version control
Data deduplicated
Integrity checked
Bandwidth costs included
Most websites fit easily into the 1GB storage provided by our Free plan. If you plan to host websites with large amounts of images, or lots of websites, we still have you covered.

The storage is data deduplicated on a per account level. This means that if you make 100 copies of a 10MB image, it still counts as 10MB instead of 1000MB. If you make 10 clones of a 1GB website, it still counts as 1GB. If you make 1000 snapshots of a 1GB website, it still counts as 1GB. If you install the same package on 1 website or 100, it doesn't make a difference.

Your websites are backed up periodically. They are also integrity checked, meaning it is verified that your data is not damaged.
Web based IDE
Host static websites
Run code in the browser
Run code on the server (JS)
Install packages
Create packages for others
Automatic updates
Application Platform
Boomla is not only a drag&drop website builder but an entire application platform.
In fact, the website builder runs completely on top of the Boomla Platform.

You can host static websites on it. You can run your own server-side code. And most importantly, you can mix-and-match things. Build most of your site with our drag&drop interface, yet write a few custom elements yourself.

You can take this approach even if you don't know how to code. Build most of the website yourself, then get a developer on board to implement the few custom features that are specific to your use case.



Can I host a static website on Boomla?

Yes. See the tutorial on hosting a static website on Boomla

Can I host a for profit website for free?

Absolutely. Please make lots of money!

Can I run a webshop on Boomla?

Currently, there is no shopping cart and other webshop specific application available. If you can put together a website from the available building blocks that you are happy with, or if you are willing to write you own applications, then sure, go ahead!

Can I host a Wordpress site on Boomla?

No, they are incompatible.