Boomla is Free

Number of websites unlimited
Your domain
We are not selling domains. Buy your domain elsewhere and point it to our servers.

Once you authorized a domain, you can create any number of websites on its subdomains at no extra cost.
Storage 1GB
Max file size 10MB
Data transfer unlimited

More details

Use free * subdomain
Unlimited number of pages
Drag-and-drop user interface
Rich text editor
Undo / redo
Automatic image resizing
Automatic 404 redirection
Search engine friendly URLs
Access to the Boomla Store
Server side programming
Browser based Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Private websites
Version control
Branches on subdomains
Central login to all Boomla websites
No 3rd party ads injected

How do you make money?

For now, I don't. That's fine because Boomla is a lot cheaper to operate as it runs on a new OS that was designed to be much more efficient at hosting websites. It's called the Boomla OS. Of course, being cheaper still doesn't pay the bills, so I have several ideas.

  • Start a domain registrar. We have to pay for domains anyway so why not put the money for better use?

  • The Website builder is not the only app running on the Boomla OS and there will be many more. We could build an application store and allow developers to sell apps to users, taking a cut. Win-win.

  • Provide additional paid services, like extra storage. 1GB storage is already a lot but some users may need terabytes. We could provide them an upgrade.

These are ideas. I want to get your feedback to figure out what's the best approach that works for everyone. I also want to gather data to see the actual operating costs of the platform.

What's the catch?

I understand your concern as I get this question a lot. There is none. Fortunately, I found a way to prove it! Sign up and create a website. You will have a website up and running in less time than it would take to google around for a proof. You will need an email address and that's it.

Can I host a for profit website for free?

Absolutely. Please make lots of money!

Let's get started


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