Drag & drop supercharged


When it comes to usability, the biggest selling point of Boomla is that you can play lego with the files. Just drag some text blocks onto your page, change the texts, add a gallery, upload some images and you are done. Except it didn’t happen that way.

I want to thank all of you who keep providing amazing feedback. What I learned is that users are dropping things everywhere. While it is obvious for me that a gallery can only contain images, users do end up dropping everything in there. Dropping a text in another text also doesn’t make sense. At least, not how those applications were programmed.

It turns out we would all benefit from a helping hand: if we could only drop things where they would make sense.



With the release of v0.6.0, Boomla only lets you drop files where they are accepted.

When dropping a file, some of the drop zones will turn red. It means the dragged file can’t be dropped there. If all drop directions (before, in, after) relative to a file are invalid, it won’t react as droppable at all. If at least one direction is valid, it will show up as blue, all the other drop directions will react as red. So, if you see a red drop-zone, you can tell that another drop direction is valid on the same target.

For developers

See the .Accept file docs.

In the IDE, you will see hints only. If you shouldn’t drop a file there, the drop highlighter will turn red, but you will be able to do the drop nevertheless.


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