Goodbye broken links


Renaming and moving around pages modifies the URL structure of your website and thus breaks your incoming links and SEO rank. This is not specific to Boomla, it’s how the Internet works.

Except Boomla makes it almost too easy to edit a website, to rename and reorganize pages. While it is incredibly powerful, the disadvantage is that you may improve your website more frequently and thus “break” it more often. Or so it was!

I’m as excited as a kid can be to announce a new feature that fights broken links with no effort on your end.


As of today, Boomla will automatically redirect requests after a page was moved or renamed. SEO juice will be passed on so that you can focus on creating a better website and not worry about unintended side effects.


How does it work?

When a request is made to // that does not exist, Boomla looks at the version history of the site to find the file. Boomla files have fileIds. If the file was found, the fileId is noted and the live version of the website is searched for that fileId. If it is found, the visitor is redirected.

The great thing about this is that it requires no actions on your end. (Except for commiting your changes, which you should do anyway.)

So, no matter how often you rename and reorganize your pages, Boomla will keep track of them.


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