Simple App install flow


Nine month ago, I was enthusiastically explaining that Boomla landed a highly advanced way of installing, upgrading, uninstalling apps. Today, I’m writing to let you know that Boomla just landed a super simple way of installing apps. It’s the same technology wrapped in a new kind of user experience.

Next, next, finish

The Boomla Store has always been the place where open source apps are listed that anyone may install. Except, in practice, I was probably the only one who could actually do it, because most current Boomla users could not care less about the filesystem, and you needed a basic understanding to get apps into your Toolbar.

That has changed. If you look at the Boomla Store, you will now see an Install link next to each app. Clicking this link will start an installation flow, where you can select which of your websites you want to install the app on, and in some cases it will ask you about trusting 3rd party service providers - for example when you install a YouTube video player app.

Most of the time, an app will be installed in as few as 2 clicks.


Let’s see an example of installing a gallery app on an empty website. For the record, I added screenshots about uploading images into the gallery too, so that you can better imagine the process.


1 / 10


Undo, redo

Of course, installing an app is an operation on your filesystem just like any other, so if you don’t like the app that you have installed, you can just click the undo button to get rid of it. Of course, you can also uninstall it later from your Control Panel.

Install on Boomla

In the future, you will find apps all around the Internet that may not be present in the Boomla Store, either because they were just released, or because developers of the app did not yet put it up in the Boomla Store. Whatever the reason, they do not have to. As of recently, the app was released which develoeprs can use to add an install link to their websites, just like the one below:




If you see this button anywhere, you should recognize it that you can install the app on your website.


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