FREE Portfolio Website

We see lots of designers, photographers, musicians, videographers, painters, writers, freelancers and other creative professionals use Boomla to create and run their portfolio websites.


What is an online portfolio?

An online portfolio helps you sell yourself or just show off your work. It sets you apart from other professionals in your field. It provides evidence of your work and past work experiences.


What to include in a portfolio?

  • photographs,

  • videos,

  • writing samples,

  • client reviews, ideally with source references when available online.


What you get

We have everything you might need covered:

  • Start with one of our beautiful templates
  • Use your own domain
  • We generate and renew SSL certificates
  • Edit your website with our simple no-code editor
  • We take care of hosting
  • No branding is injected
  • You get 1GB of FREE storage
  • Bandwidth is unmetered
  • Unlimited number of websites


Let's elaborate a bit more on the above.

Start with one of our beautiful templates

We have a template library where you can pick a template that you want to start with.

Use your own domain

We do not sell domains, so you will need to buy a domain from any domain registrar and point it to Boomla. We will even handle domain registrations in the future to make it even easier.

Of course you can use a free * subdomain, though we recommend getting your own domain if you don't want to look cheap.

We generate and renew SSL certificates

SSL certificates are used to encrypt website traffic. That's important for privacy - and it's crucial so that your visitors don't get a huge warning that visiting your website may be unsafe. It also helps with search engine rankings.

Edit your website with our simple no-code editor

The editor is automatically injected into your website when you are logged in. (You can log in/out on It provides a simple object-tree based editor, where you can further customize each object, like a gallery and a text element. It provides a drag-and-drop interface, has undo/redo, new element creation, all the good stuff.

You can even install new packages from the Boomla Store to extend the functionality of your site.

We take care of hosting

We have really good uptimes and good response times. We run a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to make sure your website will load fast around the world. (That's only enabled when the visitor is not logged in, so it's disabled for you when you are editing the site.)

No branding is injected

This probably matters if you want a professional-looking portfolio site.

You get 1GB of FREE storage

That's about a 1000 images sized for the web. Note that the file size limit is 10MB, so your images must be smaller than that, though it's not recommended to have 10MB images on a website anyway.

When you upload images into a gallery, they will be automatically resized for your visitors so that they won't have to spend their entire mobile quota on viewing your site. Note that we don't change your uploaded originals, we only serve resized images depending on the context.

Bandwidth is unmetered

This may be important if you want to upload lots of high-quality images to your website, or having many of them on a single page.

Unlimited number of websites

You'll be able to create any number of websites. It's particularly useful for experimenting.