FREE Website Builder

Boomla is a FREE website builder you can use for both personal and commercial purposes.

Let's start by highlighting a couple of crucial features that are generally not available in free website builders. Then we'll show you how Boomla beats even paid solutions.


Features uncommon in FREE Website Builders

  • Use your own domain
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited number of FREE websites
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • High quality element kit
  • Branding free
  • Ad free
  • SSL certificate
  • 1GB storage


You can use your own domain. We are not selling domains so if you don't own your domain yet, you would need to go and find a domain registrar and purchase it. Once you own your domain, you will need to configure your DNS records to point your domain to Boomla.

You get unlimited bandwidth. While most websites transfer relatively little data, your data usage can skyrocket if you publish an interesting article that goes viral on social media.

You can also create an unlimited number of FREE websites. We want to empower people to express themselves online, and the best way to do that is to provide them with a free utility to do so. Being able to create unlimited websites for free is also great for learning and experimenting with various approaches. For avoidance of doubt, it's totally okay to have 100s of websites.

Your websites can have unlimited number of pages. Some websites have hundreds of pages, while others have thousands of pages. We are not going to hold you back.

You can also use a high quality element kit which is provided for free. It provides lots of beautiful elements that you can customize to your needs and even compose into more complex structures. All elements are responsive out of the box. Go take a look at the element kit if you are interested, or look at our templates made out of those elements to get a few ideas on what you can build with them.

Your website will be branding free. We do not inject any branding into your website because we believe that would make your website look unprofessional and our goal is to provide you with a platform for creating the most stunning websites out there. Note that our templates do include a tiny link in the footer referencing Boomla. This link is not enforced, you can remove it if you want though we would highly appreciate if you would keep it to help us spread the word. It is designed to fit nicely into your website without destroying its high quality feel.

Your website will be ad free, we are not going to inject any ads into your websites. Again, they would go against the quality of your website.

We will automatically obtain and periodically renew an SSL certificate for all your websites. There is nothing on your end to do about this.

You'll get 1GB storage for free. This allows you to have 1000s of images optimized for the web, which is to say it's plenty of space.



Features common in FREE Website Builders

  • Website Builder (the editor)
  • Hosting
  • Backups
  • Worldwide CDN


These features are more common to FREE website builders although they might not offer all of them in their free plans.

Obviously, we wouldn't be able to talk about a FREE website builder without including the website builder, that is, the actual editor for free.

We provide hosting for all your websites.

We regularly make offsite backups of your websites to make sure you don't loose data whatever happens to our data center.

We run a worldwide CDN (Content Delivery Network) to speed up your website for visitors around the world. This means that static contents like images are cached at locations closer to your visitors, so loading them will be faster, as the data doesn't have to travel around the world.


What makes Boomla stand out

Boomla is a no-code website builder built on an object tree that makes editing websites extremely simple and fast.

You are going to use high level building blocks like text elements, galleries and images so you don't need to have any HTML level coding skills for creating websites.

Most objects have type-specific configuration options where you can customize them, both functionally and visually.

Crucially, these objects (elements) can be composed into higher level structures. You can even reuse the structures you have created by turning them into components.


How to get started

To get started, simply create an account and do our little on-boarding game where you can learn the basics. Then you can create a website either right on your own domain or a free subdomain.